Are Lab Diamonds Better? Weighing the Benefits of Lab Grown Gems

The popularity of lab grown diamond has surged in recent years. More and more people are considering them as an alternative to naturally mined diamonds. It has taken the spotlight.

So, are lab diamonds better? This post aims to explore the benefits of lab grown diamonds and shed light on whether they are a better choice than their natural counterparts.

Ethical and eco-friendly

One of the significant advantages of Lab grown diamondsare their ethical feature and no environmental impact. Unlike diamond mining operations, lab grown diamonds are formed in a controlled laboratory environment. Mining operations require habitat destruction, deforestation, water pollution, soil damage and more.

There are also reports on human rights abuses and forced labour. In contrary, lab grown diamonds do not need such activities. They are free from ethical issues and do not pose threat to environment. 

Affordable to everyone

The Lab grown diamonds are more affordable than their natural counterparts. Those who are looking for beauty and elegance at a cheaper rate can now easily avail the lab variety. They key reason is that production of lab diamonds do not require extensive mining process, sorting and cutting processes. They are manufactured more efficiently which results in lower of production cost.

And finally, consumers can now enjoy the beauty and high quality of precious gemstones at a lower price. It makes an attractive choice for the conscious consumers.


The lab diamonds provide exceptional quality and consistency to their consumers. The lab grown diamond can vary from usual diamond colour and shapes according to preferences. Also, you can customise the gem based on your necessity.

Now, the demands of customised lab diamonds have been skyrocketing as it is easier to have the desired style and features.  


Usually, the Lab grown diamonds are authentic. Because they are certified from globally renowned laboratories. If you want you can check the origin, duration of formation, name of lab, and relevant other information.

However, the information is not available for the natural diamonds. Because they are collected from mines from across the world. And mostly, they are not certified. Hence, it is not always feasible to get info about the origin.


Typically, diamond is a sustainable gemstone. However, the lab variety is more sustainable than the natural stones. They are not prone to marks, stains, or spots. Also, they are scratchproof. Also, they need no or less maintenance.  

But when you get a natural diamond, you have to be careful all the time. The diamond should be well-maintained to make it look shiny. Otherwise, after a frequent use, it will start losing its glory. So, if you ask are lab diamonds better, the answer is affirmative, always.

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